Blog | Invitation for my exhibition
opening 23 May 2013
Dazed and Confused
Inner work process, emotion outburst, wondering, frustration and at times confusion that varies to a sense of relief and triumph on the fabric, which captivates you and draws you in. There is no purer experience on your way to completing a painting than the notion when it all emerges into one creation. Sitting in front of it, totally flabbergasted from the final painting. I examine the painting and look for inadequacies, unfinished patches, and places to add a speck of color which will consolidate the work process. The quest for perfection can drive me insane, while the background music nourishes and prepares me for the final stages, fearing not to ruin what I had already built. This process exerts energies like no other. I set the painting aside for a few days and gaze at it, to see where do I need to improve it.
One needs courage to sign a painting and decide it’s finish